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Shannon Speight (Landmark)

2019 Joint Award Winner

When Shannon applied for the award in 2019, trained vet Shannon was working she was working as the coordinator of the Northern Genomics Project at the University of Queensland.

Her work focused on improving genetic selection and reproductive technology, and she worked with beef producers, beef extension officers from state governments, consultants and vets, and university researchers and scientists.

Since winning, Shannon has gone on to become the founder and CEO of Black Box Co an innovative SaaS (Software as a Service) product that ingests raw data across the beef supply chain to inform prediction, forecasting and key production insights. Black Box Co has secured production data on over 3.4 million animals and this product is now being used widely across the commercial beef supply chain.

Shannon is passionate about the beef and livestock industry. Having graduated as a veterinarian from the University of Sydney Shannon has spent extensive time working within the beef industry in various roles.

"Without a doubt, the connections and network I was able to make is the most awarding part of being involved in the Zanda award. I have a long list of people I can ask for help from and get advice from, and that’s really important at this stage in my career. 

 I think that the award shows people what is possible. I never would have even dreamed of starting Black Box if it wasn’t for the Zanda Award. Being around people that have built such incredible businesses and them sharing what their journey has been like allows you to consider new possibilities. 

Each year, the finalists and winners continue to inspire me. I feel lucky to have been a winner before it got so competitive! It’s exciting seeing the building of a new community and the next generation of leaders."  

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