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Our Award winners and finalists are changemakers, carving out their own distinct paths to make a positive impact in the ag sector. Through this Award, they’ve received unparalleled opportunities, tools and life-long connections that have helped propel their personal and professional development forward. We like to call it “putting the wind underneath their wings”.

Here you can find out more about the winners and finalists that make up our Award Alumni, what they’re doing now, and how the Award has impacted their lives. It might inspire you to apply, or encourage someone you know to apply, to help them learn, network, experience and grow.

Just knowing that I can contact any one of the mentoring group or alumni to talk through issues gives me a great sense of comfort. I now have a strong support network that will help me unleash my potential, as well as that of my business, realise my ambition of encouraging more young people into agriculture, and help me to promote a positive perception of agriculture across urban areas” - Dean Rabbidge, 2016 Zanda McDonald Award Winner

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