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Sam Vivian-Greer

2021 Winner NZ

Sam works as a Rural Project Manager for Te Tumu Paeroa, a position he has held since winning the award in 2021.

Te Tumu Paeroa administers 88,000ha of Māori owned land which occupies 15 Regional Councils and across multiple land uses including grazing, dairy, forestry and horticulture.

Sam also runs the Wairarapa Emerging Red Meat Leader competition, which recognises exceptional people in entry to middle management positions on Sheep and Beef farms. He is on the Tararua Farmer of the Year committee and has been involved in the Wairarapa Farming For Profit committee.

Sam had previously founded a local Red Meat Profit Partnership Action Network Group, focused on upskilling farm managers and rural professionals. In 2021 Sam completed an Agribusiness degree through Massey University, majoring in Farm Management.

"The Zanda McDonald Award genuinely changed the way I look at life, expanded my network massively, and was a fast track in understanding growth, leadership and the concept of standing by your values. The value of a network cannot be underestimated. Mine has grown over the years, but the massive boost it’s got since being a part of the Zanda McDonald alumni has taken it to new heights."

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