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Rhys Roberts

2022 Winner NZ

Rhys lives in Westerfield, Mid-Canterbury and is the Chief Executive of the Align Group. Along with his team, including wife Kiri, Rhys operates seven farms and a market garden.

Rhys stands by his belief that social and environmental responsibilities should be at the forefront of all commercial activities.

His proudest achievements are his wife Kiri and two children Gus and Lotti and choosing a career in the New Zealand agriculture industry. Outside of the workplace he enjoys further learning and has a budding flying interest.

"Relationships and partnerships are critical to success. I was amazed by how interconnected we are in New Zealand. Don’t go it alone, the list of people that have climbed Everest aided is far greater than those who have climbed alone."

"Any under 35-year-old in the primary industry that is thinking of applying for the award. It goes without saying, DO IT. The amount of enjoyment, learning, mentoring and opportunity available via this award is unreplaceable. Reach out, I am happy to help in any way I can"

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