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Howard Parry-Husbands, Founder and CEO Pollinate

Howard Parry-Husbands, Founder and CEO  Pollinate

Howard is the founder and CEO of Pollinate, one of Australia’s leading strategic research consultancies which was awarded AFR Sustainability Leader 2022 in recognition of 15 years investment in research to understand consumer attitudes and behaviour to the environment.

Howard has also been a board member of leading non-political and non-confrontational ENGO Planet Ark for over ten years and is studying a Masters of Environment at ANU to better understand how to employ systems thinking to design more resilient outcomes for the farming and natural resource sectors.

Howard has conducted research with thousands of farmers, with many of the world’s leading food brands and over 5000 focus groups with people across the world. He is passionate about the role of food, fibre and nature to transform society towards a resilient sustainable future and the importance of powerful narratives and communications to engage public support for transformative change.

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