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Ginny Stevens, Founder, Active Farmers, Mum & Farmer

Ginny Stevens, Founder, Active Farmers, Mum & Farmer

Ginny spent most of her childhood on a farm in Northern Tasmania and has always been passionate about agriculture, keeping active and farming communities. She combined these three loves when she founded Active Farmers in 2015.

Prior to that Ginny jillarooed on a NT cattle station before starting university, and after 7 years in agribusiness banking, Ginny decided to devote her energies full-time to expanding the Active Farmers network and services. Today Active Farmers runs group fitness classes in 57 farming communities across the country, amongst many other services and activities.

Recently Ginny has stepped back to a board position, and is working with her husband Andy on their mixed farming operation at Mangoplah, southern NSW.

Ginny is most proud of her 3 children, twins Henry, Issy & Will who have grown.

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