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Shepherdess is a social-impact initiative, documenting the things that matter to communities across provincial Aotearoa. Their storytelling takes multiple forms: a beautifully crafted quarterly print publication, Shepherdess - Nā te wahine, mō te whenua, from the women for the land; a television series; and digital and community storytelling projects. Their sharing of stories has fostered a community.

Founded by Kristy McGregor, an Australian who moved to live on her partner’s fifth generation family farm in New Zealand ten years ago, Kristy could see there was an opportunity to connect rural folks and build community through the sharing the people stories.

Shepherdess is proud to come on board as a media partner for the Zanda McDonald Award, recognising the value of growing leadership in the primary sector and the importance of sharing stories that will inspire future leaders.

To learn more about Shepherdess, click here

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