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Kerin Agriculture

Kerin Agriculture is a business which has been shaped, formed and developed to be in sync with the extremes of climate change. The business is about optimising everything the climate throws at it, with a view to enhancing landscape, people and the balance sheet all at the same time.

The family-run operation at Yeoval, NSW, has a clear focus to turn grass into high value commodities, whether that’s industry-leading Kerin Poll Merino seedstock genetics or beef cattle. The Kerin Agriculture grazing business now covers 4270 hectares, with an average carrying capacity of 36000 DSEs.

At its core is a philosophy of shared goals: for the Kerin family members and staff who work within the business, for those who service the business and for those who work with the business. The overarching ethos is one of a win-win mentality for everyone involved. The goals are clear: to provide maximum returns, but also to offer support and guidance at a farm, local and industry level.

The why behind Kerin Agriculture sponsoring the Zanda McDonald Award is beautifully summed in this quote by Dr Robert Jarvik:

“Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear, and no concept of the odds against them. They make the impossible happen.”

To find out more about Kerin Agriculture click here.

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