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Tom Sturgess

Executive Chairman of Blue Star Print Holdings and Owner of Lone Star Farms Limited.

Tom served in the U.S. Marines as an Acting Platoon Leader, is a Harvard MBA and Certified Public Accountant. Tom has held Chairman and CEO roles in several public and private enterprises.

Currently, Tom is Executive Chairman of Blue Star Print Holdings, New Zealand’s largest commercial printer, Executive Chairman of the Tiri Group, a New Zealand based manufacturing group and NXP, NZ’s second largest office and facilities supplies distributor.

Tom chairs the IC for Regen.VC, a climate change focused venture fund. Tom also chairs Methane Mitigation Ventures, actively reducing ruminant methane and HeadWaters, a sheep breeding genetic, production, marketing and sales collaboration, realising superior farm gate returns. He owns Lone Star Farms Limited, producing for sale 80,000 lambs and 5,000 calves a year.

Tom is a board member for Direct Relief, Hospice of Santa Barbara, The High Health Alliance, and a Trustee of the Golden Bay Community Trust. He serves as Patron for the New Zealand Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Overall, Tom’s philanthropic interests include social justice, wellness, education and helping low-income families as well as climate change.

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