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Nigel Kerin, Kerin Agriculture

Nigel Kerin, Kerin Agriculture

Kerin Agriculture is a family-owned business situated at Yeoval in the central west of NSW, 80km south of Dubbo.

Kerin Ag is made up of 50% livestock trading and 50% breeding (Kerin Poll Merino Stud). The background of this business is one that has gone through major changes in the past 14 years to develop a business and farming system that is in sync with a highly variable climate.

The challenge has been to develop systems that provide a positive return on assets regardless of seasons or markets.The Kerin Ag grazing business now covers 4000 hectares, with an average carrying capacity of 36000 DSE’s. Because of climate there is no consistence stocking rate, and numbers can range from 8000 DSE’s to 65000 DSE’s in a matter of five weeks.

A key strength of Kerin Ag is our ability to quickly adapt to any given season and sell what grass we have to the highest bidder.

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