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Nadia Campbell, co-owner of Goondicum Station.

Nadia Campbell, co-owner of Goondicum Station.

Nadia Campbell is the co-owner of Goondicum Station in Central QLD, winner of the QLD Landcare Farming Award.

Goondicum raises grass-fed EU Brangus cattle under the brand BC4 — Beef & Conservation for the Future— and was the first QLD grazier to establish a property-scale Environmental Account, accredited by Accounting for Nature.

Nadia came to grazing after a legal career including a role as in-house counsel for Commbank, and her passion for regenerative agriculture has led her to establish not for profit CRATER (the Centre for Regenerative Agriculture, Training, Education & Research).

With an approach that combines a driving passion for change with a healthy dose of pragmatism, Nadia’s focus is on creating change via science, economics and education.

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