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Julia Jones, Head of Insight NZX

Julia Jones, Head of Insight NZX

Never really living in the moment but always being excited about the future is what drives Julia. Change is inevitable and she works hard to help others have confidence in navigating an uncertain future.

Her time consulting with KPMG fuelled her passion for understanding global trends and their impact on NZ’s prosperity. Her role now as the Head of Insight with NZX allows her to continue this work including the future of sustainable finance.

Julia has had a series of highlights over her career which include completing the Harvard Agri Seminar in China, winning the emerging leader scholarship to attend Stanford University, graduating the AWDT Escalator Program, a short stint working in Russia and being appointed to the primary sector council. The reality is however her lowlights, which are not typically included in bios, have delivered some of the most impactful opportunities for growth.

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