2022 Award Finalists

Rhys Roberts 2022 winner NZ

Age: 34
Lives: Westerfield, 25km from Ashburton, Canterbury, NZ
Current role: CEO, Align Farms

Charlie Perry 2022 winner Australia

Age: 35
Location: Gurya, Northern NSW, Australia
Current Role: Manager/Partner, Trent Bridge Partnership

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Adam Thompson

Age: 35
Lives: Cambridge, NZ
Current Role: Self employed Director of Restore Native Plant Nursery

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Katie Vickers

Age: 28
Lives: Christchurch, NZ
Current Role: Head of Sustainability and Land Use, Farmlands Co-operative

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Olivia Weatherburn

Age: 33
Lives: Mossburn, Southland, NZ
Current role: National Extension Programme Manager, Beef + Lamb New Zealand

Kate McBride

Age: 23
Location: Western NSW, Australia
Current Role: Station hand, researcher and board member, Tolarno Station/The Australia Institute/ Local land services

Gavin Rodman

Age: 28
Location: Cairns, QLD, Australia
Current Role: District Manager - Far North, Sugar Research Australia

Jeremy Cummins

Age: 34
Location: Gunnedah, central-north NSW, Australia
Current Role: Owner and manager Bottlejac Trading Company